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Generated Prompt - Sten/Sten - sleepover


I want SO, SO badly to write something fluffy for this.



They were supposed to be Stens together.

They were friends and best friends and brothers and kadan before they knew what it was to be so, inseparable from the day of their first meeting in the creche. They were trained in the same ways, moulded from the same clay—and were the tamassrans to be completely honest, born from the same blood.

The tropical weather was mild, but the nights could still be cold for boys yet ungrown. They curled up in each others’ beds sometimes, warm limbs and breath in a comfortable tangle. A head would rest against a chest. An arm would sling over a back. And they would sleep and dream, comfortable in the other’s heat.

They stopped when the beds stopped fitting.

They were supposed to be Stens together. But one would journey to Ferelden, lose his battles, win his wars, face the Blight and experience a world far removed from the islands and the order of the Qun.

The other would die years before such events, at the hands of his friend, best friend and brother. Even a Tal-Vashoth’s blood still runs warm across one’s hands.

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