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[ Shirley Kite, 1937.]

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Oh are you still taking these? 3 and Justice if you are?



Thank you for this request!

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Warden Commander and Mabari War Hounds in training (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


it’s just getting to sweater weather here, but potato and hawke are winter ready

— farewell, warden!

            we’re counting on you.




I’m thinking that one-shoulder cape is now canon for most Zevran fans.

17 and 18 for Shianni



This color palette combo was really cool! I hope you like it :D

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avenge him, spirit. i will wait for his ashes a little longer, if it means that whoever did this to him will pay.

So what is it you fancy, exactly?


I’ve been thinking about the Inquisitor’s companions as cats a lot recently…



Before the Orliasien ball everyone is getting ready and putting on their masks, except for the Inquisitor, who is a Qunari mage and refuses to wear one. Most are confused by this, except Iron Bull who understands immediately.


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