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[ Shirley Kite, 1937.]

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nightingales are actually these pretty drab brown birds oop



some dragon ages

*whispers* my children


lifeofaseamonster, kurgy, I still think about your post every day.

I hate all of you


Madame de Fer

Hyped for Inquisition? hyped for Inquisition.

Canticle of Threnodies 8:13


boy your hair is outta control

when hes eighteen years old and a fucking moron oliver just doesn’t cut his hair until he cant see anymore like an idiot and then gets lora to fix him


Solas quickie I doodled between classes.


Here’s Cassandra. I expect that I’ll be courting her disapproval at all times. (Nooo, Cassandra! Be my friend!)


And last of all in the DA:I sketches, here are the advisors Lelianna and Cullen.


super scribbly quick doodle i just

have been drawing stupid dragon adoptables for too long and am taking a short break and trying to remember how to actually draw sort of?


i’m pretty sure bioware actually consulted with my planned inquisitor when they designed the mage gear because

that hat

the future rupert trevelyan is pleased