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[ Shirley Kite, 1937.]

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The biggest misconception I had about this game was that this pretty boy was a rogue. Nope, turns out he’s a warrior.


the first person to make it out of the inquisition character creator and actually start playing the game is stronger than the rest of us and should be respected as such

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I’m really worried about this jar of bees thing.


The Ambition - Vivienne
Source: Dragon Age on Twitter


The Believer - Cassandra Pentaghast
Source: DragonAge on Twitter


Kristoff, Aura and Justice. At least, I hope they are recognizable. >_> I’ve always been very touched by the heavy gravity of this situation. I remember getting back to the keep and hearing Aura’s first words then having my heart both clench and sink at the same time…

For Justice week! :D I’d of had this done yesterday if it weren’t for my new aggressive rogue Hawke. *cough* >_>;; Would anyone believe me if I said she threatened me? XD

Anyway, on to Aveline! :D