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And then everyone was proud and felt awesome, except the red templars





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This has been sitting in my drafts for about 2 weeks. Since that pesky Anders is dead post. I was going to add more, but I don’t know when I’ll get the time.



Color palette meme  (#4) + Dragon Age Ⅱ : Merrill 

I appreciate your cooperation!


No, I’ll pass on that. Thanks Expedia.






I haven’t posted progress in a million years. The chain suit is finished. All I have left is finishing the leather and casting the elf ears.

You did Merrill’s full-body chain?! It looks amazing, how did you do it? It must have taken SO much time and work! Err, I should ask, is it ok to reblog this? I just wanted my followers to see it.

Thanks:D Rebloging is fine. Your followers can also see my bathroom:D

It’s taken about 2 years. There are 20,000 aluminum rings (I think it was 16 gauge but I don’t remember.) The instructions for making the sleeves and making it fitted come from here I also used the pants pattern from the Armor Archive.

I am reblogging this version too so my followers can see it and spread it like wild fire, this took two years of sticking to it and pure dedication

I have literally never seen something more badass, I’m like in cosplay tears over it and I remember you starting this forever ago and I remember liking it back then too. It is amazing to see and I hope I get to see pictures of the final product.

Seriously well done. Oh my frick.



The “do you want a sandwich” line in the Hawke/Anders romance only gets better when you think of that scene as all being Varric’s speculation.

At first he thinks, “I’ve built up a really dramatic and heartfelt moment, here — what is the most romantic thing Hawke might possibly have said?”

And then he’s like, “…. shit.”

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solas is cute it hurts my feelings so bad when people call him ugly like how can u look at this tiny bald boy who wears pajamas 24/7 and likes taking naps and just call him ugly. look me in the eyes and tell me he isnt cute.

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have confidence, knight-commander

what happens to Orsino at the end of Act 3 is such horrendous character assassination and it continues to tick me off three years later

but even if you hate him, this is his moment and it badass

Video Game Meme: [1/7] Female characters → Leliana


sometimes when I think about Fenris I think about the days right before Varania arrived in Kirkwall

and how guardedly hopeful he must have been that it would turn out well, that he’d be reunited with this link to his past

and I imagine him, like, slowly beginning to clean up his mansion, not anything serious, you know, nothing that Isabela or Hawke would be able to comment on if they came by

but maybe straightening up a few of the broken mirrors and torn paintings, dusting off the rickety old table and chairs in the great hall, maybe stacking the bodies neatly by the back door at last

maybe repairing the shattered window in the nicer guest bedroom, just in case

and then that morning before he goes bothering to look at himself in one of the mirrors for the first time a long time, and knowing that even if he can’t do anything about the lyrium he can at least make sure his armor is clean and polished and the leathers in as good a shape as he can get them considering how old they are, because if he can’t remember her at least he can give her a brother she’s not ashamed to be seen with

aaaaaaaaaaaand then Danarius shows up instead.

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Reblog if Amell is your favorite Origin


Others: BroscaAeducan, Mahariel, Tabris, Cousland, Surana

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