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[ Shirley Kite, 1937.]

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As people pointed out, Leliana and Josephine were missing from this drawing that I did and someone suggested they were off snogging in a corner. So yeah.


the best part of non elf friends is messing with them

afterwards solas and the inquisitor highfive like “haha man can you BELIEVE they bought that?”


"they killed people" is literally the worst argument you could use against any dragon age character

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shit i made another 12 year old i dont know what happened fuck


Please do not add any character hate to this post.


Today’s man crush Monday goes to @rejecteddemo who did this badass makeup test for Dragon Age Inquisition’s Dorian!! :D isn’t he pretty?! And he’s also my best friend too. So I’m not biased. Ok I am.


Zevran takes shameless advantage of his girlfriend’s willingness to listen to his probably made up stories to hog all the heat from the campfire


Long live Bottle Princess.

(requested by sibylla-surana. Thanks for the idea, it was fun to draw my favorite cousin U u U )


if force mages can use the maker’s gift of telepathy to fling and crush their enemies, they could use it to be lazy too?


Treat Yo Self, pt.2: the day in which they shall Treat Themselves is going to fall right in the dead of the Inquisition, so Cass is going to be very upset for an extended period of time. Bull wants in on the festivities. Solas doesn’t quite get it, but Vivienne and Dorian are eyeing him up and he’s getting nervous.






abel would be really happy to find a living relative