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"The appeal of flesh has long frozen off."

ok but how fun would it have been to see the adventures of wynne and shale

i like to imagine it would go for two handed weapons like mauls so it can still squish enemies u w u

“You look me in the eye and you tell me griffons aren’t cool as fuck.”

Warden [to Wynne] - Dragon Age (via thebearmuse)

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Confession: Because of the leader’s voice and the mercenary group’s name, the encounter with the Crimson Oars always reminds me of The Crimson Binome from ReBoot.

I think I’m probably legally required to reblog this.


mygoodrabbit replied to your post “mygoodrabbit replied to your post “ugh now i’ve got myself thinking…”

what if I rlly want you to talk about the Tranquil more tho ;3;


i do only have a quarter of the number of followers on here compared to my main blog

i could probably get away with safely talking about the tranquil without getting stubborn, fervent mage sympathizers yelling in a frothy rage about how evil the rite of tranquility is, how evil the chantry/templars are.  (because i honestly had my fill of the mage-templar debate long ago and i’m absolutely through with people constantly pushing that agenda.)

i’d also love nothing more than to have the opportunity to talk about how shitty the mages treat the tranquil and how the templars aren’t the only people wielding their sense of superiority over another person and yet no one seems to fucking see this and i’ve been biting my tongue for YEARS about this topic

UUUUGHHGHGHGHGH internally conflicted.gif

OH GOD ok this subject is very important to me like jesus, the reactions we get from mages re: Tranquil in canon materials are mostly of either revulsion and loathing and/or mockery?  Mages hardly seem to consider Tranquil sentient, the mage origins alone establish this pretty solidly given all the dialogue about the Tranquil one can explore between Jowan and Owain.  The Tranquil themselves make a point to try to dispute this if you talk to them, but still despite living around them daily even mages of the Circle seem to regard them only as either worthy of scorn/dismissal for being weak and servile, or with horror and avoidance that makes one feel like they think maybe Tranquility is contagious, and either way that’s a messed up way to treat people?  They may not be emotional, but they clearly still understand when they’re being disrespected even if they have an exceptional capacity for tolerating the behavior.  

This kind of stuff is what I desperately want to explore more about the Tranquil, and in general just about social dynamics within the Circle, because it’s fascinating.  Also just… more about the Formari, and the real degree to which the Circle depends on the labor of Tranquil to fill their coffers, you know?  I’d be willing to bet that more than once in the Circle’s history people have been made Tranquil more because the demand for enchanted goods and labor was particularly high at the time than because they posed any particular threat.  It seems like the temptation is just dangling out there waiting to be snatched by unscrupulous First Enchanters or Knight Commanders, because who the hell is regulating this?  Clearly the Chantry and the Circle both are doing a shit job of it, and when money, gets involved… well.

(By the way, I feel you about the super aggressive People With Opinions on mage/Templar issues, can’t blame you for wanting to step away from that.  I always used to adore reading your mage/Circle/etc. meta and seeing your DA art and stuff, and people who can’t separate in-universe social issues from meta analysis from actual real-life opinions ruining your ability to feel comfortable sharing your interests in our fandom’s space is some real bullshit.  I’m still upset on your behalf that people seem to have pushed you away from what you clearly enjoyed so much.  BUT I digress, I’m probably being completely weird right now since I don’t know you that well, I’m just a fangirl, SORRY I’M AWKWARD IDEK)

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To align with the power of the Fade is but the first of many steps. Further is to align the mind to the Fade’s rules and find the ties between the realm of the dream and the realm of the flesh. This is the true power of blood magic: the flesh and the mind are inseparable, and therein lies the power to influence and control minds.

(Below the text are indecipherable runes and stains of blood and ink.)


Others may speak of the sanctity of the mind. To those who know the true power of the blood, this is foolishness. The mind is no more sacred than the knee, the small toe, or the ear. It is man’s organ of reasoning, nothing more. And true reasoning requires connection to the rhythm of the blood, the tireless pounding of life. Interrupt this, and even the mind is yours to attack.

(Below the text is a diagram of a blood magic ritual in progress, with no notation or description.)


In the Fade dwell creatures both foul and fair, but all plague mankind with lusts and prides incalculable in our waking hours. Our power attracts them, and for good reason: Our unique bridge between flesh and dreams is one way they can enter the realm of flesh. To being the path to true power, court these poor, terrible creatures and best them. Force them into servitude or pledge your heart to them. Either way, you gain immense power and the means with which to tear holes in the world.

(Below the text, scribbled in the margin, are arcane symbols drawn with blood.)


The creatures, these demons, require little in the way of bribery. Their natural state is one of longing for the world of flesh and blood. This is what you offer them: respite from their eternal search for true life. Engage them in a battle of wills, and you will be successful. Should you fail, the power will be yours, but your body will belong to the demon. Relish this infernal power while it lasts, for once you are an abomination, your demon half will soon swallow your mind.

(Below is a litany of lines written in an arcane, forgotten language, indecipherable to all but the most obsessed of linguists.)


Finally, once you have come to ascend, have tasted the sweet nectar of the demonic blessing, rise anew, ascended, as a god. Through the connection between earth and sky, flesh and dream, blood and memory, you have risen above the petty concerns of the Chantry and her minions, past the notice of secular nobles and their petty squabbles. Through the rituals inscribed in these scrolls, you have mastered the minds of others, braved the temptations of the Fade, and quashed the terrible will of demons. Let no murder or theft weigh upon your mind, as your will is absolute, and the world is yours to claim.

(Below the text are more arcane glyphs, terrible and dark in their implications.)

Aveline/Donnic - second loves (...which is the inevitable combination of writing these two + playing matches and matrimony + listening to Sense and Sensibility in the past week. Forgive me and feel free to refuse if it's awful/uninspiring)



Her name had been Susannah.  She’d gotten a fever, just two moons before they were to be wed.  It had seemed minor, a thing to joke over while they’d been sitting on her parent’s roof, counting the stars that were bright enough to peek through Kirkwall’s ever-present smog.

It hadn’t been minor though, and only a week later she’d been dead, her wedding clothes packed away in her hope chest, donated to the Chantry as part of the death duties.

Aveline didn’t know what Donnic’s Susannah had looked like, but she knew she loved to tell terrible convoluted jokes and puns, building the punchline to ridiculous levels, grinning when she was done, as everyone else groaned, until she couldn’t hold in the laughter any longer, and snorted aloud, suddenly enough she’d always made herself blush at the sound.

Donnic never brought Aveline flowers, because he knew that had been what Wesley did, every time he came back home again.  (Or had them waiting in a vase, if she was the one who’d had to leave.)  Even if it was out of season, and the best he could find were the dried blooms from the apothecary the next village over, Wesley never returned empty handed, never let her come back to a home too dark or drab to be welcoming.

Every year, on All Soul’s Day, Aveline and Donnic would bow their heads for the Mother’s blessings, recite their parents’ names, and Susannah’s, and Wesley’s, hands clasped together as they remembered their pasts, only letting their fingers slide apart when it was time to hold their glasses, to toast their pasts with sacramental wine.

Then Donnic would lean in close, one soft kiss pressed against her cheek, and she would smile at him, and they would return home together.

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dont kiss her in front of the whole camp you’re embarasssiing nooooo


doodled the best da character while waiting at the doctors office


#blood a belated birthday present for controlleraunt!! remember how much you wanted to see cousland defending her bloody and vulnerable healer girlfriend. >w0 i hope it makes your morning when you wake up mwuah mmmmmmwuah