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50 images meme
Connor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton ♣ 29/50


I can see Connor being interested in Achilles and willing to just sit there and observe sometimes, and eventually Achilles would have learned to simply ignore him. Man I’ve been drawing Connor’s backside quite a bit lately URGHH it’s just a really pretty shape….image


kanen, your braids serve for a fantastic mustache


thing i love about connor is how soft-spoken he usually is, and then he boards the aquila and just yells his lungs out

What if he was your son? Surely you would move mountains to save him!


wait, did i ever post this?  no?  well then.



Connor Guerrin in Dragon Age III

I believe that he will make appearance in DA3. Why? Deciding about his fate was too important in DAO, and we had to import the informations about what happened with Connor to DA2. At the end of DA2 he was around 20 years old. 


…come on, you know you’d hit on Connor. 

Given that there is already a precedent in these games for canonically un-murdering people who previously might have gotten very dead, I could see this. I suspect I’d like it too, although if Connor turned out to be yet another look how clever he is! Rhys cardboard cutout type I would have a great big pout instead.


decided to slap some quick colours on this last night.

oh my goodness yes


Warm-up sketches with some new brushes.

Before Feynriel and Connor, there was this.  Because bittersweet is how I roll.  Also, evidently all my Fereldan men have large aquiline noses and high cheekbones what is this.


what is this

what is happening- I can’t-


Because I just need Teagan and Connor right now.  For…things.  (Also, Varric and Cassandra will never get old to me, their exasperations and retorts to one another are pure delight.)

…If anyone was ever curious where I got the inane idea for Feynriel/Connor, this is the cut dialogue that sparked the initial idea.  Or one of several things.  I always want to be believe that if Hawke did help Connor—what was it that you were doing, Connor, to have templars want to imprison you and require intervention from your uncle—Hawke would ship him off to Tevinter because hey “I have an acquaintance there, bit of a strange lad, but he’s a good one,” and that’s how Connor ended up in Tevinter studying about the Fade.

Holy crap what did I just listen to

and why, out of all that cool shit, was the thing I got the most excited about the offhand mention of Jowan :|