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No but seriously think about

Cole returning to Adamant Fortress, the place that dredged up his worst memory and forced him to relive it.

Cole being wary and yet drawn to Cassandra, the woman who wears the same black armour as the terrible man who tried to kill Cole’s best friend…but at the same time she reminds him of another woman—another friend—who wore a sunburst crest on her breastplate, who showed him compassion and understanding when he only knew fear from her kind.

Cole learning from Leliana, the only face he recognizes in this new crowd, the art of the dagger and stealth, how to rely on his cunning and dexterity, to be able to protect those he cares for.

Cole playing card games with Varric and listening to Varric’s stories.  Cole remembering a time when he played cards and chess games with his best friend, the man who changed everything for him, by the light of a glowlamp and how they used to talk about anything, anything as long as it would allow Cole to hear another voice and relieve him of his loneliness.

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  • Inquisitor asking Leliana about the Warden
  • Inquisitor asking Varric about Hawke
  • Inquisitor asking Cullen about both the Warden and Hawke




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If you're wanting to do minifics, how about something Anders & Varric related?



Can’t go wrong with Anders & Varric :3


Varric rubbed the thick leather fingertip of his gauntlet against the bridge of his nose, along the slight ridge that was the echo of a long ago break. It was a habitual gesture,half-conscious and always apparent when he had to breath in the thick fug of Darktown. 

He leaned idly against the jamb of the door and watched Anders work on a thin, saggy old Fereldan with a dislocated elbow and a bilious expression. 

He was too far away to hear their murmured conversation, but it was clear enough— the old man plead his poverty, Anders patted him on the back and wiped his hands off on his ragged shirttail. The usual. 

Varric crossed his ankles and arms and snorted. He waved the  past and slipped his purse off of him smoothly as he went. 

"When will you learn? He works out at the bonepit." Varric said, and tossed the purse from hand to hand to hear the coins tinkle pleasantly. 

"So he deserves to starve?" Anders snapped back, and sat heavily on his cot. 

"You’re a mark. In so, so many ways, Blondie. And you need to eat too." Varric tossed the purse at him, and sighed when he let it fall at his feet. 

"I’m charitable, Varric, not stupid." 

"I’ll be generous and say both. I’ll be extra generous and say more of the former than the latter. But my point still stands." Varric stooped to pick up the abandoned purse and tucked it under his belt. "Charity begins at home, after all. My books bleed red with the ink of bribes for you and Daisy." 

"The city ought to pay you to protect them from her," Anders muttered darkly. 

"What, no solidarity for your fellow apostate?" Varric held up his hand to silence the inevitable tirade. "Oh nevermind. Nevermind! You’d give the coat off your back to anyone who asked, just to prove that not all mages are demon possessed abominations." 

Anders pushed the hair back off his forehead and laughed. “And you’d steal it right back for me, so what does that make you?” 

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I sat in a 9-hour road trip and all i have to show for it is this crappy sketch


Drawing on an iPad in a moving car is hard


Arrived at the hotel. Quick refresher before off to my grandparents’


don’t mind me, just emotionally invested in my hawke and his hair

grdffghghkmk BABIES


I like imagining my Hawke being extremely childish over Anders breaking up with him after the Justice quest.

I don’t think I ever even knew that Anders WOULD break up with Hawke under the right circumstances, my mind is blown.  Abel what did you do???  or refuse to do because Anders is a shit sometimes

Dragon Age at DragonCon



Sorry for any lulls in responses! I was at Dragon Con this past week and got to see my favorite Dragon Age cosplayers, as well as some new ones. And naturally Kevin (mrbob0822) and I had to derp around for photos.

This isn’t even a fraction of the photos, just wanting to upload some fun ones. If you recognize anyone else who has a tumblr or dA let me know so I can credit them! Photos are by Allen Cao and Cosplay4UsAll

Also please enjoy this photoshop Kevin made of me/Flemeth destroying NYC

Re: the top pic:


Op-op-op-op-oppa Warden Style


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Dragon Age PSCs


Original artworks available at my Artfire store

So, after finishing two big projects back to back, I kinda went on a…uh…drawing binge with the top 4 pieces >_>

Also realized I haven’t put the last two practice pieces in their entirety, so here they are!


Varric and Cordia Hawke sharing a cute/sexy moment… 

Cordia belongs to my friend. 

I feel like I must have some followers who would appreciate naked Varric and/or boobies?


Corpse Justice Cast by *carrinth

Leaked CJ (fake) TV series cast list for Season 2!


Because I just need Teagan and Connor right now.  For…things.  (Also, Varric and Cassandra will never get old to me, their exasperations and retorts to one another are pure delight.)

…If anyone was ever curious where I got the inane idea for Feynriel/Connor, this is the cut dialogue that sparked the initial idea.  Or one of several things.  I always want to be believe that if Hawke did help Connor—what was it that you were doing, Connor, to have templars want to imprison you and require intervention from your uncle—Hawke would ship him off to Tevinter because hey “I have an acquaintance there, bit of a strange lad, but he’s a good one,” and that’s how Connor ended up in Tevinter studying about the Fade.

Holy crap what did I just listen to

and why, out of all that cool shit, was the thing I got the most excited about the offhand mention of Jowan :|


I went back, later, after the dust had settled. I wasn’t surprised that he was still there. Maybe they were still too scared to move him - afraid that Vengeance was still lurking somewhere inside, waiting to strike. I wanted to be angry, at him, at Hawke… at the institution that drove him to madness. At myself for not stopping Hawke from plunging that blade into his body. The only thing I could think, though, as I held him close and said my goodbyes, was “I should have kept that damn pillow.”

Starting the day with angst… I am in fine form today, I tell you! Another off this list. Keep on clicking, Chumblrs!

o…oh nooooooo ;n;


Carver/Everyone - “Mistletoe”


for skyelinepigeon and all her hard work…it’s not perfect.  i’m so sorry, dove, i wanted it to be just the right thing and i wish it was like the BEST Carver ever.  he deserves better than me.  IDEK.  here. for you.  it’s like a soggy handful of limp daisies, but they’re for you.


It’s not that he hates everything.  Though, Carver can admit how every person in this room might see it differently from time to time.  There aren’t words enough — the right kinds, the ones that fit his mouth and his face — for how he wants to say certain things … so he just grinds his teeth and lets his eyebrows crowd a little lower until they’ve all given up teasing him.  But they never really do.  It’s a relentless thing with them. 

But, this is too much.

“Just stand still, little brother.  We’re trying to figure this out.”  And Garrett doesn’t hide the sinister quality of his mirth.  Ever.

So, Carver stands in the doorway between the living room and the library.  He only wanted to fetch the small bag of gifts he’d managed to stash away.  A collection of things he had hoped might prove just how much he didn’t hate everything.  Until Isabela screeched for him to STOP RIGHT THERE, he never even saw the thing hanging over the threshold.  Then Merrill said it was “mistletoe,” which had Mother and Anders clapping with some irrational joy that Carver, as always, felt excluded from.

“What is it, though?”  He asks again, and fights the urge to look up at the bundle of shrubbery for a third time.  The group of them continue to smile and giggle, gathered around the fire, but it’s Carver’s cheeks that are flames now.

“It’s an invitation, pet.” Comes the cryptic purr from Isabela.

“It’s toxic.” Anders offers, and winks at him from over the rim of his cider mug.

“It’s a tradition.”  Mother stands and comes to him.  She takes his face between her hands.  Her fingers smell like the fir boughs she’s been twisting and shaping into decorations all day.  “Whoever finds themselves beneath the mistletoe gets a kiss.”

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My eyebrows shot straight up off my face when Sebastian joined in and I still haven’t found them. So if you see them anywhere please let me know.

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