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[ Shirley Kite, 1937.]

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I was just really looking for something to post….. have an old thing I did last month but I’m too lazy to finish… Seb with ruffled hair


video game challenge

five relationships: fenris and sebastian vael [3/5]

You’re welcome to come with me.”


grew to like Seb a lot more during my second playthrough! had to draw him


I almost broke my neck trying to finish this

I’ve always wanted to draw something from act 3 but I never quite found out what, but since I figured I love both Sebastian and Anders so much, I decided to pit them against each other with Hawke and Varric not knowing what to do.

Originally I wanted more people in the drawing, like Meredith and Fenris, but that would’ve broken my neck for sure. and it’s messy enough as it is.

what is anatomy


there is nothing, absolutely nothing, not a single thing about this piece of dialogue that i don’t love


OKAY IM DONE WITH THiS ok not really but I can’t bring myself to work on this anymore and I promised I’d post it so yeah, really sketchy and all but at least you can see what’s going on in this picture (maybe)


seriously tho sebastian wants anders dead for the exact same reason why alistair wants loghain dead and yet sebastian gets all this hate and alistair doesn’t

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Daily Draw February 6th:-

How’s that army coming along, huh? Little guy?

I kinda toyed with the Idea of Sebastian calming down and joining the ranks of the Seekers, but after some discussions with you guys, I grew to like the idea of Vengeful, dark & grumpy Sebastian. I like the idea that he struggled to gain the respect of his Starkhaven troops and had to prove himself, now they hunt Hawke & Anders.

He gained a scar from a skirmish with some apostates upon returning to Kirkwall in search of Hawke.