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“I would prefer not to die. I would prefer it if the tower returned to the way it was. Perhaps Niall will succeed and save us all.”

Owain (Dragon Age: Origins)

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Wynne/Owain - Puppy love


I got this from the prompt generator a while back and it intrigued me.
Rated: G

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unsung characters; owain

the air was acrid with the scent of blood splattering hot and vivid on the stone, the atmosphere shattered with sharp screams, sepulchral roars { an undertone of jagged triumphant laughter }

and perhaps there was a flicker of true understanding in owain’s eyes, a flash of remembrance { feel this fear, mage, feel it and cower }, a shiver over the fine hairs of his arms

but when the demon came for him, owain simply shook his head. the act was almost rueful, almost.

‘you may seek, spirit, but you will go wanting,’ owain whispered without moving his lips, and the demon
moved on 

The Tranquil never freaked me out, because they are precious babies, but yes Owain is hopelessly adorable you are correct ser.



Owain appreciation post.

They tell me I was “complete” once. That now, I am a mere shell of a being. A tool of the Chantry, nothing more.

And so I observe them, to see what I am missing.

I am missing the flinch and brow-furrow of an apprentice chastised because they’ve yet again disappointed their teacher, the hunched shoulders and flash of self-loathing.
I am missing the hissed and heated arguments in shadows, sometimes about politics, sometimes about method, but usually about straying eyes and restless fingers.
I am missing tears gone unheeded as they make their way down the ashen face of an apprentice whose companion hasn’t returned from the Harrowing Chamber.
I am missing rogue fireballs that torch books, flares of anger that bring icicles to the flesh, blood that boils and a mind that betrays. I am missing fear and loathing and the dull ache of unrequited love and the piercing lance of abject grief. I am missing horror and terror and pain and loss and perhaps I am missing the antithesis of these things, too, the recognition of colour and light, the cleansing warmth of companionship and affection, the way it feels to smile and not because a simple understanding of social skills tells you to… but no mage knows these things in enough abundance for it to matter.

Perhaps I am incomplete. Effete. Less than human.
But in the midst of the broken hearts and minds of all the Circle’s mages, I alone remain unbreakable.
I alone endure. 


Owain appreciation post.

I am emotionally compromised by Tranquil.

Beneath all that armor (HTBD 136)


Oh random prompt generator, you are so cruel. I took the challenge posed by “Karl Thekla/Owain, beneath all that armor”.

Beneath all that armor

“Good morning, Enchanter Thekla, how may I assist you?”

“Good morning, Owain, I have a requisition for a summoning censer.”

“Please wait.”

Karl waited patiently for Owain to return, taking the censer with a pro forma “Thank you,” before leaving.

• • •

The equanimity was hard-won every time Karl left Owain to his work monitoring the Circle’s magical stores, answering or not-answering inquisitive apprentices, even taking a turn enchanting the objects that the mages used.

Sometimes Karl felt a burning, irrational urge to knock a requisition form out of some apprentice’s hand, to shout at them, Don’t you know what price is paid for your rod of fire or summoning censer or glyph wand?

That urge rose most often after a visit to the storeroom, after speaking with Owain, after handing over a form and looking into his eyes and searching, searching, Maker searching for some sign of the man he had once been.

Karl had to gird himself every time. He had to put a shield in front of his heart, put heavy armor on his soul, and bear up under their weight in order to look into the empty eyes of a man who had once been a friend and was now as useful as a hammer and just as emotional as one as well.

Then he would take the rod, the censer, or the wand; he would say “Thank you”; and he would walk away with his shoulders slowly slumping under the weight of the armor that did nothing to spare him from self-inflicted wounds.

• • •

Please, kill me before I forget again.

It’s cruel to ask, but crueler still to ask someone who remembers who you were to stand by and do nothing.

I have a lot of feelings about the Tranquil, so this needs to be on my blog.

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Circle Kids sketch


Another thing I’ve found today! Yay for me!

One of sketches I’ve made on Livestream xD

Nienna Surana, Kimarous Surana, Tobiah Amell, Jowan - little kids

Anders, Niall, Owain (before rite of tranquility) - older kids

Ser Avrum and Wynne as guests.

Gosh… I miss DA: O :<


Oh man I thought I’d never see this one again after the LJ you drew it in, thank goodness, now I can save it! XD I LOVE THIS, ALL THE BB MAGES EEEEEEEE! and Ser Avrum back there wanting an excuse to murder every one of them oh Avrum good thing you’re a big softie when it comes to the ladies

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