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Dathen and Eda? >_>


omggggggggggggg babies ok BETWEEN DATHEN AND EDA, who:

  • shops for groceries:  I imagine they trade off on this one, actually!  Whoever has the time/is close by the market that day.  Dathen probably had to teach her what sort of things to buy and how to tell they’re ripe/fresh though, because she never learned about.. food… stuff….. until after they started living together in Theramore.
  • kills the spiders:  Eda until she trains the children to do it.  Their house becomes extraordinarily spider-free.
  • comes home drunk at 3am:  … Eda no
  • makes breakfast:  Dathen mostly.  Eda tries sometimes.  Everyone would be happier if she didn’t.
  • remembers to feed the fish:  Literally everyone including the kids and all their friends that stop by.  They have really fat pets.
  • decorates the apartment:  lol not the blind guy
  • initiates duets:  I vote Dathen because he is a dork, but Eda loves it.
  • falls asleep first:  I can’t even tell you why but I feel like it’s Dath.  ok actually it’s because her tucking him in would be adorable.  also it makes it easier for her to sneak out god damnit eda

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apparently I start to lose all filters of what to post after midnight or so

but discovering the modded Covert Torso Armor in my inventory just in time for quest turn-ins was great

I harassed ber until she made this happen and Eda sexually harassed Fels once it did.  We make a good team.

The list of shit I wanted to try to draw tonight was miles long and you were not even on it, Eda.  But I’ll forgive you this time, because you look like you need a hug and like three solid days of sleep.

I was gonna draw awkward teenaged Eda for the space teenagers thing going around in the SWTOR tag today, but then I realized that she’s been weaponizing her hips since she was thirteen so here’s this instead?

Lately I seem to draw a lot of space!Eda. I usually don’t draw women very much at all… I can only attribute this Eda surge to my weird fangirlish attachment to beranyth’s Dathen, and my persistant desire to smoosh them together while screaming NOW KISS.

Welcome to another installment of Shit I Found in a Notebook that I Completely Forgot I Ever Drew. Space Eda Edition! Previous to her… facial scars, obviously.

Here you go, Dathen. Have fun buddy.


Team Sidekick aka Team Snark aka Lhocke and Eda take on the Esseles.  Awwwwyeah.

Dathen Matthews (beranyth’s character) and Eda (mine) picspam, because I said so that’s why. Guest appearances by Penny and Meletius, their wee bastards. No really, they had them out of wedlock.

Have a cute. More Dathen and Eda, two innocent human peasants, and their not at all suspicious massive facial scarring.

I need to do something more with this sketch so damn bad. I’m kind of posting this stuff as a kick in the pants to myself to get going on that. :|

Here have some twitterpated old WoW RP characters, Dathen and Eda. Found this scan, was ashamed I’ve done nothing with it yet, clearly need to inflict it on unsuspecting tumblr people. By the way, thanks very much to the people who have recently followed me. Really, tons!