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A Wolf in the chantry.


So yeah, I signed up to pinch hit for the current Dragon Age Big Bang!  The story features Constable Aidan of Amaranthine (the guard captain from Awakening, whom I was always rather fond of because I have a soft spot for guard characters.)

15 minute (ok shh more like a half hour) Justice.

I’m so sorry about how the fandom abuses you, precious undeadthing baby

“Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.” - Joseph Campbell



Justice receiving a gift for my darling Defira, eternally patient sweetheart that she is. <3 (Also, person with excellent taste in fade spirits and snack foods.)

This is stunning in every way. Guh. 

Ser Pounce-a-lot approves (+5) by halderzor

Those sad expressions… it’s not too hard to guess what they’re thinking.



I didn’t get very far with him before my game crashed from the AWESOME so here’s the caps I managed to get.

Fic: Lost (Awakening!Justice)


I’ve never attempted to write Awakening!Justice before, so I’m terribly self-conscious about this, but it was something that bit me today and really wouldn’t let go.

So here is some short Justice-fic.


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"I am not certain what is happening, Commander."

"Anders and Oghren are very drunk, Justice. And I think perhaps I should have taken Anders a little more seriously when he told me he found statues of Andraste attractive.”

yeah I went looking for Justice screenshots and found these and… they say so much, guys. so much.


An interesting conversation you can have with Wynne in Awakening. She fears that mages wanting to split from the Circle and starting war with the Chantry will lead to genocide of the mages. Big time DA2 foreshadowing.

Anders voices an opinion completely contradictory from the one he possesses in DA2. Justice really helped him pull a 180 about his views.

Also Oghren, Nate, and Stina’s Warden, Neria in these.

Because I’m obsessed with the Circle, and I adore Wynne, and my favorite okay let’s face it only Warden is a squishy, Maker-loving, self-loathing Loyalist mage, I was deeply disappointed that the writers failed to include a dialogue choice totally in agreement with Wynne, rather than, at best, a wishy-washy “Perhaps” that to my reading comes off as a dismissive “Whatever floats your boat, Wynne.”

Tobiah just had a lot of feels about this subject, okay? What, most people don’t have Wardens that WANT to be subjugated by an oppressive religious institution? HOW PECULIAR.


the old time.

*_____* oh my goooooooood



THIS is the noise Nathaniel makes if you turn him into a Bard.

What a lovely bard song. :\

*continues to never, ever, spec Nathaniel as a bard*

Accurate tags are accurate.


That’s even worse than Leliana’s, holy shit.


Why not disagree with Anders? I mean, he’s the one that “corrupted” Justice, not the other way around. Just sayin’.

I love you, ladybro.




I agree a thousand times.

I loved the Awakening Anders.
I enjoyed very much to flirt with him and made me very sad not to have a real romance in Awakening.

That’s why I was very happy that in DA2 was possible to have a romance with him.
But I did not expect a so changed Anders. He was tender, sweet and this is a beautiful thing, but ..this wasn’t Anders.

On awakening he was a rebel, strong, sarcastic and happy. Seemed that Nothing and no one could stop him.

In DA2 is sad, full of problems, and more depressed.
Perhaps more mature, but not so young.
Bioware. What have you done?

i love both, to be honest. and i feel like my love for both isn’t a mutually exclusive but rather mutually beneficial kind of thing. the change anders undergoes is rather the entire point—you know a character in his callow, selfish, hilarious but avoidant youth, before you know him underneath a completely different set of constraints, burdens, and circumstances with a new-found (albeit complicated) maturity.

the reason anders works so well, why i love him so much on both ends of the spectrum, is because you’ve seen both ends; you know who he was and who he’s become. over the course of time, people change. time changes them. no one stays the same forever and anders, albeit in an accelerated fashion with dire external pressures, undergoes tremendous change. we get to watch that. we get to see its consequences, its tolls, its realities. what anders goes through changes him.

the intensity of that change in anders comes in a very exaggerated form, yes, and with its prices, but that’s rather the point of the change, and to highlight that extremity is what gets me so good about his place in the story. 

do i love carefree, self-involved, flirty, aimless anders? yep. do i love dragon age 2 anders, with a cause and a purpose that’s bigger than he is, tragedy and hope and tenderness and anger and pain combined? sure do. but what i love most of all is that they’re the same person, part of the same character arc. 

This. At this point it doesn’t even get me annoyed when I see people talk about how disappointed they are in new!Anders compared to Awakening!Anders, it just makes me feel… sad, I guess. Sad, that so many people seem to be completely missing the point of a fabulous, bittersweet story arch that took a shallow man and made him grow as a person, however unhappily.