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Old soldiers never die they just fade away… (HTBD 121)



At the end of his life, Cullen expected little. He had seen too much, done too much. He collected nightmares the way Orlesian ladies collected useless glass figurines, with equal utility and less joy.

He fought in his nightmares like a gladiator in some Tevinter coliseum, fending off temptations of power and pride, lust and ownership. He fought Uldred a thousand times over, or Meredith as she called him to forget that protecting mages was as much a part of his duty as destroying them. More nights than he wanted to admit, he fought Solona Amell out of his bed to wake aching with desire for her.

He fought so hard, for so many years that by the end of his life, he felt that he had left the best parts of himself on battlegrounds in the Fade.  

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Oh wow. Yes.

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